About Us

The Family Business

In, 1982, our mom, began BBI, Inc., a small business that she ran out of our house. She wrote software for a few municipalities, hospitals and various other businesses.  As we were growing up with the business, we did everything from helping input new customer accounts, to delivering emergency utility bills when customers ran short, to designing new privilege license applications when laws changed.  In short, we learned that family comes first, and our customers close behind.  Along the way, many of our customers have become like family, so it hasn’t been hard to treat them as such.  Today, that small family business has become a leader in software design, development, and support for municipalities and water associations, and has grown to over 300 users.

From City Hall to Main Street

In 2016, we, sisters Karen Edwards and Becky Fontaine, decided to add another branch to our family tree and started FormsInk, LLC. After growing up in a family business that concentrated on software and forms, it was the next natural step. We made this decision to both expand our customer base beyond municipalities and water associations and to offer our customers a much broader selection of forms, supplies and services. We will continue to be true to our roots with municipalities and offer all of the forms they need, but also have a much wider selection of products for everyone. We offer forms that are compatible with many different software formats. From City Hall to Main Street, we’ve got you covered!